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30-Second Overview of The Bully Expert

You’ve found The Bully Expert — a national network of individuals certified in an anti-bullying program developed by Verbal Defense & Influence, a world leader in tactical communications training.

The Bully Expert is dedicated to helping families learn how to protect children from bullies, build healthy relationships, and feel safer in all situations.

Verbal Defense & Influence is committed to having a certified Bully Expert in every community in the US and Canada. To find out if you have a Bully Expert in your area, just enter your location information below and click on Search.

      If there is no certified Bully Expert in your area and you’d be interested in having one, please fill out the form below and press Submit. We’ll then focus our efforts in your community and notify you when a Bully Expert is in place.

      In the meantime, learn about our FREE Anti-Bullying Toolkit by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


      The Bully Expert
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      If you’re with a school or a social services agency, please submit this form and we’ll send you an email with a link that provides special access to this toolkit.