Learn the conflict management strategies
used by police for over 27 years
— and now translated to help parents
protect their children from bullying


You can’t get through a day anymore without hearing about the devastation being caused by bullying via news stories, magazine articles, TV specials, and online social media. This increased awareness in an important step in addressing the growing problem of youth bullying. But now we need solutions — that work.

What has been tried so far is well intended, such as passing anti-bullying legislation, developing school bullying policies, hiring police officers to patrol the halls, and encouraging kids to “speak-up” — but more needs to be done. That’s why we developed the Manage Bullying – Answers For Parents program.

This anti bullying program is based on over 27 years of experience in training law enforcement and military personnel to verbally manage and control situations before – or even after – they get out of hand.

This anti bullying program is unique because it teaches you:

  • How to empower your kids to bully-proof themselves
  • How to effectively intervene if your child is bullied

… using the same methods that we taught for decades on how to deal with verbal abuse and manage conflict in a way that improves the situation rather than making things worse.

MB Answers for ParentsThis anti bullying program is an 11-module online course with more than an hour of video, associated presentation slides, a transcription of each video, and an information sheet. The focus is on giving parents:

  • A specific plan to help their child develop a “bully shield”
  • Training on HOW to deal effectively with bullying situations

In addition, through our association with Building Great Kids, you’ll receive the following FREE BONUSES to help you protect your child from bullying.

Bonus #1 — Three digital Building Great Kids books:

  • A Parent’s Guide To Verbal Self-Defense For Kids
  • Help Your Child Stop the Bullies Now
  • A Parents Guide to Self-Defense For Kids

Bonus #2 — Three digital posters that can be downloaded and printed:

  • ABC’s of Stop the Bullies NOW
  • 7 Daily Reminders
  • Stop The Bullies Now Pledge

This anti bullying program is available in two forms:

  • Online — where you watch the video on your computer and download PDFs of the documents
  • Physical — where we send you a DVD and a 100+ page manual (the bonuses are still provided in a digital form)

In either form the value of this complete package — with the 11 module course and all of the bonuses — is well over $100. And, it’s actual worth is far greater due to the impact it will have on you and your family.

However, we’ve decide to price the Bully Expert: Answers for Parents anti bullying program at just $57 for the physical version and $37 for the online version.

To place your order, just click on your selection below and you’ll be taken to a secure online order form.

If you order the online version, you’ll be sent an email with your username and password for accessing the program.

If you order the physical version, the DVD and manual will be shipped to you within a couple of business days — and you’ll get a link to the free bonuses.

In either case (online version or physical version), you can go through the lessons at your own pace and revisit the material as often as you’d like.

As with all of our programs there’s a 90-day no-hassle, no-questions-asked guarantee. So there is really no risk in purchasing this program. You either think the course is valuable or you get your money back — it’s that simple.

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If you are a parent of child within the autism spectrum you may want to, instead, consider purchasing Manage Bullying – Answers For Autism Spectrum Families (which is currently only available in the online version)