Access an anti-bullying program
specifically for parents with a child
within the autism spectrum


Children within the autism spectrum face difficulties in social situations. They can have a tough time making friends, or comprehending what is considered appropriate behavior.

All too often, these children are singled out and bullied because of these difficulties.

As a parent it can be heartbreaking to know your child is being bullied, or that they are unable to comprehend the social cues that lead to misunderstandings. Furthermore, you know that your child – just like everyone else – experiences feelings of loneliness, frustration and isolation.

Manage Bullying: Answers for Autism-Spectrum Families, provides a framework for change.

This program is based on the work of Dr. George Thompson who has been training law enforcement professionals for over 27 years how to prevent and de-escalate conflict. Since 1983 he has published 4 books with over 300,000 copies sold and his institute has trained over 1 million police officers throughout the world.

In this course, Joel Lashley — a public health expert, crisis communications trainer and father of a young man with autism — adapts Dr. Thompson’s communication methodologies for use with children within the autism spectrum. The techniques Mr. Lashley has developed have been recognized by both the Autism Society of America and the National Centers for Disease Control.

The program consists of two elements: the complete Manage Bullying: Answers for Parents program, which addresses the fundamentals of childhood bullying — and Lashley’s element, which specifically targets the issues most relevant to families with a child within the autism spectrum.

Answers for Autism-Spectrum FamiliesThe first element is an 11-module online course with more than an hour of video, associated presentation slides, a transcription of each video, and an information sheet (plus several bonuses). The focus is on giving parents a specific plan to help their child develop a “bully shield” and training on HOW to deal effectively with bullying situations. For a complete description of this element, Click Here.

The second element has two parts:

  • Part 1: Strategies for Better Communication — a 27-minute video where Joel Lashley gives an overview of the fundamental skills involved in helping children on the autism spectrum socialize.
  • Part 2: Fostering a Healthy Social Climate – an 11 minute video where Joel Lashley describes what’s needed for a school to create an environment that proactively addresses manages bullying behavior.

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This complete package is valued at $139.00 ($99.00 for first element, $40 for second element) and the regular price is $69.00 ($49 for first element, $20 for second element). However, we’ve decided to make it available right now for just $47.00.

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