Anti-Bullying Video

The Martial Arts Marketing Network and the Vistelar Group will soon be launching a national anti-bullying campaign along with Gilbert Brown, former NFL player and Super Bowl XXXI champion (Green Bay Packers: 1993–99, 2001–03).

For this campaign we produced a great video that shares our core Bully Expert message.

We plan to have multiple versions of this video (one that will include a segment with Gilbert Brown) — but here is the primary version:

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Some of our Bully Experts who have seen this video asked if we could create a custom version of it for their use (e.g., display on their Bully Expert website, send out via email, post to their social media accounts, show in class) — so we decided to do just that.

If you were to try to develop this video on your own it would cost thousands of dollars. But, as a service for our Bully Experts, we’ve decided create custom versions of the video for just $100.

For that price we will:

  • Customize the last two slides so they say whatever you want (e.g., include the URL of your website and your phone number)
  • Add the video to your Bully Expert website
  • Provide you with a link you can include an email that, when clicked on, will play the video
  • Provide you with the actual video file in .mp4 format that you can do with what you want (e.g., upload to  your Facebook account)

Our goal with our national campaign is to establish the Bully Expert curriculum as the definitive anti-bullying program. We will be doing everything we can to make this happen — but it would certainly help if all our Bully Experts were using this video in the promotion of their martial arts school.

We believe getting a custom version of this video for $100 is a big opportunity so we hope you take advantage of it.

To place your order, just click on the link below to be taken to our secure order form.

Once we get your order, we will be back in touch with you to find out how you want the last two slides to be customized for your school.

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