Learn the principles of Verbal Defense &
Influence via Dr. George Thompson’s
renown Peace Stories

One of the principles of Dr. George Thompson’s structured communication methodologies is the power of stories to make a point that is long remembered.

Dr. Thompson used this principle in all of his live training classes by telling Peace Stories. He said that everyone had heard their share of war stories. What people needed to hear more of were examples of situations where a person’s behavior or use of words resulted in peaceful outcomes.

These stories became the foundation of his training because they clearly communicated the instructional point he was trying to make — but, also, because they were remembered and shared long after the training ended.

Dr. Thompson wrote four books and trained over 1 million people on this structured communication methodologies but he is probably best remembered for his entertaining and informative peace stories.

Dr. Thompson died unexpectedly on June 7th 2011 at the age of 69 but, luckily, the previous August he had arranged for IES Interactive, a simulation training company, to professionally film him sharing his most-popular peace stories.

Gary Klugiewicz, one of the directors of Verbal Defense & Influence, joined Dr. Thompson to film the peace stories he had formulated over his 18 years of working with Dr. Thompson.

Doc’s and Gary’s videos that are about home and work are now available in a single DVD with 21 of their best stories — all that have the goal of teaching the essence of Dr. Thompson’s life’s work in bite-sized pieces that can be viewed over and over again.

The price of this DVD is $27 but, if you order soon, we’ll include this free bonus.

Bonus: Immediate access to an audio recording of one of Dr. Thompson’s Doc Talks that he recorded monthly during 2010 and 2011 for subscribers to his private membership program. This 40 minute recording is about the application of Doc’s methodologies to the problem of bullying (value: $9.95).

If you have ever taken a class from Dr. Thompson or Gary Klugiewicz, watching these peace story videos will bring back fond memories and will re-enforce the main principles you were taught.

If you never had this opportunity, these videos are a great companion to any of Doc’s four books or the other DVDs and CDs he developed over the years.

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