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Help your kids become bully-proof by becoming your organization’s Certified Bully Expert


My name is Master Chan Lee and I’m a martial arts school owner in Milwaukee, WI. My father, Grandmaster J.K. Lee, started our business in 1975 and I took over the reins in 1996.

Back in 2008, I was a “copycat” school owner — I ran my school the same way as almost every other martial arts school owner.

Then I was introduced to three renowned experts from outside of the martial arts industry and my world changed.

As a result of the training, help and advice I got from these three professionals, I started taking some radically different approaches to how I ran my school. I effectively abandoned almost everything I’d been taught previously — and my school’s growth exploded.

Today I have six locations (with more to come) and over 2,000 students. It’s been an incredible ride — and I don’t expect things to slow down anytime soon.

The three experts

Let me introduce you to these three outside-our-industry experts: Gary Klugiewicz, Dave Young and Allen Oelschlaeger.

These three professionals formed a company (Vistelar) in 2009 to leverage their three decades of experience in conflict-management training. Over the years, they’d primarily worked in law enforcement. They founded Vistelar to extend their expertise to other markets, such as healthcare, security, education and business.

I attended one of their week-long instructor certification classes in the summer of 2009 and I was totally hooked.

What I saw was a program that had been proven to work in de-escalating conflict with the most violent of criminals and, if it worked there, I thought why wouldn’t it work with kids being bullied.

So, I approached them with an idea — what if I took their curriculum, meant for adults, and adapted it for kids?

Selling Gary, Dave and Allen on this idea was not an easy road. They are VERY protective of their proprietary methods so this plan landed like a ton of bricks.

Well, I can be a pretty persistent fellow — so I didn’t give up. I kept pestering them and, although I lost some hair in the process, our partnership was ultimately solidified.

It took us several months to put together the first anti-bullying program for kids — and then I tested it in my school for several more months.

Frankly, the results were far beyond my expectations.

I had, previously, been a fool

See, everything I’d taught previously about bullying I’d learned from MSU University (making *$#%* up university) and the Vistelar folks let me know that what I thought was good stuff was ALL WRONG.

Gary, Dave and Allen don’t “suffer fools gladly” — and I’d clearly been a fool. I’d been playing with my student’s lives with advice that either I’d made up or someone else concocted who had no authoritative background in conflict management.

Once I started teaching the right stuff, the impact on my students was stunning. I, literally, saw kids being bullied one day and, after learning just a couple of Vistelar’s concepts, had the bullying stop the following day.

Seeing this happen was incredibly rewarding but, actually the bigger deal for my school was what this new anti-bullying program did for my credibility. I went from being the local “chopsocky kung foo guy” to being the recognized anti-bullying authority.

This was partly because, once adults were exposed to the material, it made so much sense to them. But, it was also because, in talking about the program, I could reference:

My experience was so incredible, it was a no-brainer to turn this program into a product of the Martial Arts Marketing Network. So, after many months of work, we launched the Verbal Martial Arts Course (VMAC) at the 2010 Martial Arts SuperShow in Las Vegas.

Life-changing results, for my students, my school and me

Since then, hundreds of martial arts school owners have been certified as their local community’s exclusive Bully Expert and over a million kids have had their lives changed by learning to use the tactics taught in the VMAC course.

I confidently say “lives changed” because this program isn’t just an anti-bullying program. What I’ve found is that it’s a life skills program, heads and shoulders above any other program out there (and I’ve seen almost all of them).

After eight years of teaching VMAC, I’ve seen the lasting impact this program has on kids into their adulthood.

In addition, I’ve seen the positive results this program has had on my adult students, our school culture and our level of customer service. I know that Vistelar sometimes promotes their conflict-management training program as a premier customer service program for organizations and, I can say from personal experience, that’s — without question — 100% on target.

New and enhanced program

In early 2017, the Martial Arts Marketing Network and Vistelar decided that, despite how great the original program was, an updated program needed to be developed to capture everything we’ve learned about anti-bullying training over the the prior seven years.

An initial version this program was completed in the fall of 2017 and put into a final form late in the year after months of refinements, based on feedback from our current certified Bully Experts.

This comprehensive update to the original program is now available and we’re currently signing up individuals to become certified Bully Experts within their organizations.

Once an individual is certified as a Bully Expert, they have the rights to incorporate the Verbal Martial Arts Course into their curriculum for kids, parents and adults.

In addition, by learning and teaching the material, our Bully Experts become exceptional role models — for effectively managing conflict — with their kids, with their parents and in their personal life. This program develops your knowledge, skills and abilities to interact with anyone — in person, by phone or in writing — and to:

Become your organization’s Bully Expert

Bullying is one of the biggest issues facing kids, parents and schools and everybody is scrambling for answers — and the answers they are finding (e.g., ignore it, walk away, fight back, tell the teacher) don’t work because they’re based on myths and opinions instead of real-world experience.

In contrast Verbal Martial Arts is based on:

When you couple this with the word-of-mouth enthusiasm of kids and parents who are exposed to the program (as well as the media attention in which this enthusiasm often results), our Bully Experts rapidly become known as their organization’s recognized anti-bullying authority.

How to apply and, if you’re accepted, what’s included

We have specific standards for individuals to become certified Bully Experts so we require individuals to go through a simple application process.

To apply, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get back to you with our determination within a couple of days.

Then, if you’re accepted and decide to sign up, here’s what you’ll get:

Access to our online Verbal Martial Arts Course, which includes:

The information in these six modules will help you develop a deeper understanding of the anti-bullying information from the previous module, which will enhance your knowledge, skills and ability to deliver this program to kids.

This information will also provide you with a solid foundation for you to talk with parents about how to help their children prevent and manage bullying.

In addition, you’ll find that that this information will help you better manage conflict both in your professional and personal lives and help you deliver exceptional customer service within your organization.

The entire course takes less than three hours to go through.

Again, the first step to becoming your organization’s recognized anti-bullying authority is to apply so we can determine if you meet our standards. Just fill out and submit the form below and we’ll get back to you within a couple of business days.

Note, this application is just meant to ensure we aren’t wasting your time or our time if you don’t meet our standards — it doesn’t create any obligation to sign up. If we decide you should not be one of our Bully Experts, we’ll let you know right away. However, if you are accepted, then we can get on the phone to discuss if becoming your organization’s Bully Expert makes sense for you.