Lawrence Rouse – Los Angeles, CA
August 27, 2012 | Administrator | 0 Comment(s)

I became involved in the Verbal Martial Arts program around 10 months ago. Unfortunately I was not able to start until this last month because of school relocation problems. Since that was resolved recently I started by listening in on the conference calls about a month ago. Upon hearing how important it was to get into the PTO/PTA meetings, I joined our Chamber of Commerce to get involved with the education committee. The committee is comprised of the principals for all the schools in the area.

The parent of one of my top students is involved with their PTO/PTA group and invited me to a meeting to talk about Verbal Martial Arts. I explained all about anti-bullying and what we do and how we could turn it into a fundraiser. They all loved the idea. They loved the idea so much that they want me to teach it during school in their PE class. The meeting was so successful that the principal called me at home that same night after the meeting to discuss implementing the program.

I would like to thank Master Lee and Pat for all their help with such a brilliant program

Lawrence Rouse
Playa Vista Martial Arts
Los Angeles, CA

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