Listen In To The Anti Bullying
Teleseminar For Which 3600
Parents Signed Up

I was asked to participate in this anti bullying teleseminar because of my involvement with Verbal Martial Arts.

I thought we’d have 20 or 30 parents sign up so I was a bit overwhelmed when I heard the number was 3600! Obviously there are lots of parents looking for anti bullying advice.

The teleseminar was about one and half hours long and, from what the host told me, 95% of the parents stayed on the call until the end.

I’ve broken the call into four 12 minute segments which you can listen to below. The fifth segment is the question and answer period and it is about 30 minutes in length (you definitely want to listen to this).

Segment 1

 Segment 2

 Segment 3

 Segment 4

Segment 5 (Questions and Answers)

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